How to improve Software Testing skills

Hello friends, "How to improve Software Testing skills" - this is the question raises immediately in your mind after succeeding in getting a Software testing job. Before we get into this part in detail, let us see what are all the precautionary steps, one must have to become a Basic tester. Here are some fundamental ethics to become a professional software tester.

  • Ask questions about the software to the corresponding developer / tester.
  • Attend meetings with your peers (Who are involved in the project)
  • Sharing of application knowledge makes you feel little more comfortable.
  • Do not get anxious about setting-up a Test environment.
  • Write testcases as per the requirement; as well as maintain your own testcase (Unofficial) which will have some in-depth concept testcase which might not be covered in testcase requirement.
  • Create your own technical test datas (Positive & Negative)
  • Create your own rules on testing the application including crashing it with some ASCII data inputs. .
  • Assume as if you have paid money for the company to build this project.
  • Once you complete the testing, share the modules with your peers, so that they can find some bugs if you have missed any and do it vice-versa.
  • Try to understand the application codes, so that this can be helpful for you to raise the bug.
  • A programmer really wants “bug list”, but it will be easier for programmers if a bug is raised with the following details in clear manner:

  • a. Bug summary
    b. How to reproduce the bug?
    c. What would be the reason for this bug?
    d. How this can be fixed? (Use this only if you have understood the code)
  • Learn the new concepts in software testing, but do not force it into your work environment until it is needed.
  • A tester should play around with the Test datas to find the bugs. (As simple as that)
  • A professional tester should not get upset if an issue is missed, instead he/she should able to root-cause the bugs.
  • A software tester should enjoy testing the web applications, standalone applications, or even some ad-hoc applications.
  • Testers should spend some time everyday on puzzle-solving games to sharpen their brain.
Improving software testing skills might look a bit difficult, but this is easier when we are following all the above points in our day-today working life. So professional s/w testers, and future software professional testers, always enjoy your work and stay happy with the successful outcome of your project.

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