RSS Feed

Definition of RSS
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to distribute headlines and contents to reach web-visitors to a maximum extent.
Computer languages can read these headlines and contents easily.

RSS's Problem solving technique
Email notification was an old technique to make the visitors aware of the newer changes. Similarly many sites can send these emails to a single email that can make those emails to be considered as SPAM.
RSS is used to solve this problem. Changes to multiple websites are easily drafted to you unique from email.

RSS work process
RSS works according to the number of notifications maintained by the owner on their website. This list of notifications is called "RSS Feed".
Finding out the latest contents or news can be seen using this RSS Feed. "RSS aggregators" can access the RSS feeds of websites automatically.
Many websites are implementing these RSS Feeds on their pages since they are very easy to integrate.

Informations by RSS
Basic details about the Title, Description, and Title will be given by the RSS. THese informations will be given in an .xml format. This .xml format can only used by a "RSS aggregators" program and not by a normal webpage.

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