Web 4.0 - A New Web Technology

Web 4.0 technology?

I know this will be the question rising in our mind immediately. If there is a solution to our practical problem, then there will be an upgradation to it too. Similarly when there was solution given in the form of “Web 2.0”, then came Web 3.0 as a update of Web 2.0. Now there is again an update to Web 3.0, i.e. “Web 4.0”.

Before we get into it, let us go for a small introduction on How the Web 2.0 came?


WEB 2.0 definition:

The web 2.0 is more a innovative method of using the internet than a real fruition of its interior explanation.

Fundamentally the web 2.0 points to an superior way to carve up information, pool resources, commune and interacting with machines through source codes. Web users turn into a kind of a website’s topics and information.

Web 2.0 is a fantastic solution for speeding up some of these areas like, Social networks (Twitter, Tinypic, Picassa and etc…), video sharing sites (uTube, 3gpvideos, and etc ), Wikipedia, Blogger, Wordpress and etc are major blog websites started using Web 2.0. It is also the vicar of Website techniques. Web 2.0 is the era of RSS (Really Simple Syndication), XML and Web API.


WEB 3.0 definition:

The web 3.0 - “A Semantic web

Arranging / Ordering / Structuring data find on the internet to make it obtainable and practical by programs and software. The intention is to make the web readable by machines too instead of making it readable only by humans.

Resource Description Framework (RDF) also the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and notations like RDF Schema (RDFS) gives the stipulation of metadata data model.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) are between the web 2.0 and the web 3.0. Most websites are already started using these technologies to exhibit vivacious contents. Flash animations are already taking benefit of this technology to launch higher animated content without the heavy weight of accustomed “movie files”.

From above elucidation, we all could understand the Web 3.0 increased the website speed, website quality a lot. Still, these improvement does not overcome the website scripts like jquery, mootools and daemons source codes etc and exact solution to this in (Web 3.0) is not achieved yet. All web users will agree this technical drawback. To overcome these script works, we need some more improvements on Web 3.0 concepts, I.e. Web 4.0.


WEB 4.0 definition:

The web 4.0 - “A Symbiotic web

The Symbiotic web, once the metadata are prearranged like it did on web 3.0, Human mind & Machines (Binary language) can interact in Symbiosis using this Web 4.0 technology concept.
In simple words, A machine can also be clever on reading the contents and animations, and react in the form of executing and deciding what to execute first to load the website fast with superior quality and performance and build more commanding interfaces.

The Web 4.0 is still a subversive thought in progress. Clear definition of the Web 4.0 is not into the internet till now. But we hope, it will not take more days. We are very close to the future web technology called as “Web 4.0”.

My justification on WEB 4.0 technology:

Web 3.0 + Artificial Intelligence = Web 4.0 technology


No matter what the technology improves, we still need to understand the website user’s needs and make them happy and satisfied on using our website. So, instead of just making the website as visual treat, deliver the business points clearly and user-friendly and stay away from slow loading website.

If your website does not have any script work / flash animation, do not consider about this web 2.0, web 3.0, web 4.0 or web 100.0 (might be in future) etc. Just carry on with your good contents / topics on websites.


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Its the first time that i hear of web 4.0. I guess it will have a big impact on web.

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