Ie Vs Mozilla Vs Chrome

Internet Explorer


  • Since it has more experience in market, developers & Users go for it.
  • Safety & Reliability is more for secured browsing.
  • No cookies-browsing option.
  • Add-on options provided by 3rd party can be installed.


  • Uses more memory for its resources.
  • If some error occurs in one tab, it prompts to close entire browser.

Mozilla Firefox


  • Add-ons available are so open on current software market.
  • Speed browsing.
  • Simultaneously runs many scripts at background.


  • Safety and Reliability for secured browsing is not acceptable.
  • If some error occurs in one tab, it prompts to close entire browser.

Google Chrome


  • Reliability of making the webpage to load faster.
  • Usability is excellent with simple design..
  • OmniBox – Built-in option to search URL’s and search terms.
  • Privacy mode “Incognito” makes no evidence on what the user browsed.


  • Privacy resources take so many processes running background.
  • Security concerns are not highly-concentrated except “Incognito”.
  • Some sites cannot adapt to Chrome.
  • No Add-ons yet.

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