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During earlier periods, search engine optimization (SEO) has developed into a bit of science as webmasters. Business proprietors tried to figure out how to trick the internet search engines into listing their sites on top of the search results list.

They were using a collection of immense, expensive books have been written on the SEO techniques. But it actually is not that difficult as we think! I have shrunk it down to very simple ideas that anybody with or without SEO knowledge can track.

• Focus on your business
• Build more relevant one way links to your site
• Fasten PR and focus on driving traffic
• Suggest your site to many sites related to yours.
• Build quality links
• Build targeted backlinks
• Try to exchange link with other sites (Not often)
• Do not link to 404 error page
• Analyze before accepting the links from others

Google doesn’t let people know about Page rank calculation way and they also change their algorithm frequently. Since we cannot understand their process or coding algorithm, we should work really hard on submitting the posts, replying for our regular visitors on their queries, building backlinks with our friend’s websites and updating the contents regularly. We should not forget to use RSS feeds on our website or blog to recall our visitors through automated email alerts.

Website quality and performance will improve rapidly when we follow the above mentioned ideas. Practice makes a man perfect. So keep on working hard until you succeed on increasing your website page rank. We should get response or feedbacks from our visitors which can help us to improve our website quality. To get the response from them, we should post the topics which are related and helpful for them. A Software Tester and a SEO analyst will be very helpful for increasing a website page rank.

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