What is Website Evaluation?

In order to evaluate the website, we must make sure about the theme or purpose of our website. We have to concentrate on various modules to improve our website quality. Some of the powerful ideas to improve the website are given below.

Why the Website launched?

Public put up web pages for several special reasons. The dependability of details may be unnatural by the stimulus for anyone or group organizing the website. Improving the website performance would insist more visitors.

What idea does website launched? Commercial, Education, Profit, or Games?

  • What does creator get back from it? Familiarity, Knowledge, or Fun?
  • What does the purpose tell about the consistency on feedbacks?

What opinion does your website delivers?

Each webpage explains someone's view, but some are more prejudiced than others. Be aware that the feedbacks we give are not clear to the owner’s view. Even "facts" are someone's idea or interpretation of the facts. Be sure to think about whether or not you trust the information as it is presented.

  • What point is emphasized by the Website? Is it practical?
  • Are the quality convincingly intention or dedicated?
  • What is clearly omitted (whatever thing)? Can you find logical bugs?
  • Keep in mind; you need to get everyone's point of view before querying.

When did the page upload?

Some pages are not change often, but to get regular repeated visitors we should update the contents regularly. Old details may be valueless or even negative to your website visitors. Keep these questions in your mind:

  • Have the owner’s ever changed it?
  • Does it subject to change?

How excellent / useful are the information?

  • Does the details on top form in what you already know?
  • Does the webpage undergone for spelling and grammar?
  • Does the Website rely on quality graphics?

When the above questions can be answered immediately by a website owner, then it is sure that he/she are focusing on some achievable goal. Either he/she are well interested to help others on what they know, entertaining public with good stuffs, looking to familiar themselves and etc.

Alternately, when a visitor loves your website quality and performance, they will become one among your regular visitor. Do not loose them by not updating the contents. Keep in track of your visitors list. Basic software testing concepts in turn will be very helpful for all website owners.

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