Projects - Roles and Responsibilities

These are the roles involved in a SDLC. These people work together within a streamline to give a quality website or quality product. By organizing them, a software company can improve the performance of the project. This grouping of teams would certainly throw out the defects within estimated financial edge.

Project Manager:

# Organize, Schedule, Monitor, Deliver a quality project within schedule.

# They will manage the relationship between the team members.

# Direct person from the company to co-ordinate with the clients. (Rarely)

Business Analyst:

# Involves in gathering Business Requirement from clients.

# Will interact with the clients.

# Incharge of preparing:

---->Business Requirement Document (BRD),

---->Use Case Document (UCD),

---->Use Case Diagram,

---->User Scenario Document (USD)

# Will review the test case and test results of QA team.

# Communicate and present the demo of the entire application.

Test Manager:

# Overall incharge for the Testing activities.

# Preparartion of Test Plan, Scheduling Test, and Organizing team.

Development Leads:

# They will lead a group of developers and will be assisting the project manager by sending Daily / Weekly reports about the work progress.

Test Leads:

# Incharge for group of Testers and will be assisting them for preparing Test Plan with Test Managers.

# They will be sending Daily / Weekly reports on Testing work progress.


# They will be working on the layout of website. Aligning contents, navigations, HTML Conversions, Flash animations, Image clarity, and etc.

Software Programmers:

# They will be developing the codes with the assistance of their leads.

Software Testers:

# Understanding the Business Requirement Specifications and prepare Testcases, Execute Testcases, and report bugs.

SEO Analysts:

# They will be writing the appropriate keywords.

# Helping the website to improve its page rankings in search engines.

Configuration Managers:

# Incharge for all the documentations regarding the project.

# Incharge for reporting the modification on documents to all the teams.

# Incharge for version numbers.

Functional Experts:

# They are the Domain Specialists and will be working as consultants.

# Incharge for knowledge transfer to all team members.

# Incharge for any time support.

Technical Writers:

# They will be help writing the "User Manuals", "Help files" to the Testers..

# Sometimes independently develop a documentation.

The above mentioned roles are the minimum roles interacted with a project from BRS to the output of CD package or Implementations or even maintenance.

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