Defect Tracking Tools

This is a list of defect tracking tools. Both commercial and freeware tools are included. The tools on this list are all available standalone, with the exception of a few that are integrated with a test management system. Tools that are only available as part of a bundled suite of tools, such as a configuration management toolset or a complex CASE tool, are not included. Tools that are better suited as call management tools than defect tracking tools are not included, though some tools that are listed claim to do both well.
Many of the tools on this page do not include a Software Description section. This was done to make is easier when I first set up the page. I am now accepting updates and new entries from vendors that include this section. Please search for download path of relevant tool.
Current Listings

+1CR (+1 Software Engineering)
Aardvark (Red Gate Software Ltd.)
Abuky (freeware)
AceProject (Websystems Inc.)
AdminiTrack (AdminiTrack, Inc.)
Advanced Defect Tracking (Borderwave Software)
Alcea Fast BugTrack (Alcea Technologies Ltd.)
AllChange (Intasoft)
AQdevTeam (AutomatedQA Corp.)
Atlassian JIRA (Atlassian Software Systems)
BitDesk (PTLogica)
BMC Remedy Quality Management (BMC Software, Inc.)
BridgeTrak Suite (Kemma Software)
Bug Trail
BugAware (Jackal Software Pty Ltd)
BugBase 2000 (Threerock Software)
BugBox (BugBox) (Bugcentral Inc.)
Bug/Defect Tracking Expert (Applied Innovation Management, Inc.)
Buggit (freeware)
Buggy (Novosys EDV GmbH)
BugHost (Active-X.COM)
BugLister (Hajo Kirchhoff), Inc.)
BugRat (freeware)
BugStation (Bugopolis LLC)
BUGtrack (ForeSoft Corporation)
Bugtrack (freeware)
Bug Tracker Server (Avensoft)
Bug Tracker Software (Bug Tracker Software)
Bugzero (WEBsina)
Bugzilla (freeware)
Census Bug Tracking and Defect Tracking (Metaquest)
Change Commander (Lightspeed Software)
ClearDDTS (IBM Rational)
ClearQuest (IBM Rational)
CustomerFirst (Repository Technologies, Inc.)
Debian Bug Tracking System (freeware)
Defect Agent (Inborne Technology Corporation)
Defect Manager (Tiera Software, Inc)
Defect Tracker (New Fire)
defectX (defectX)
DevTrack (TechExcel, Inc)
d-Tracker (Empirix)
elementool (elementool Inc.)
eQRP (Amadeus International Inc.)
ExtraView (Sesame Technology)
Flats Helpdesk (WarrinerWare)
FMAS (stag software private limited)
FogBUGZ (Fog Creek Software)
GNATS (freeware)
Helis (freeware)
icTracker (IC Soft, Inc.)
inControl (stag software private limited)
IOS/Track (Interobject Systems)
IssueNet Intercept
IssueView (IssueView.Com)
JitterBug (freeware)
LegendSoft SPoTS (LegendSoft Inc.)
Mantis (freeware)
McCabe CM - TRUEtrack (McCabe Software, Inc.)
OfficeClip Defect Tracker (OfficeClip. LLC)
OnTime Defect Tracker
Ozibug (Tortuga Technologies)
Problem Reporting System (Testmasters, Inc)
ProblemTracker (NetResults)
ProjectLocker (One Percent Software)
ProjectPortal (Most Media)
PR-Tracker (Softwise Company)
QAS.PTAR (Problem Tracking and Reporting)
QuickBugs (Excel Software)
RADAR (Cosmonet Solutions)
Razor/PT (Visible Systems Corporation)
RMTrack (RMTrack Issue Tracking Solutions Inc.)
Roundup (freeware)
Scarab (freeware)
SilkCentral Issue Manager (Borland)
SourceCast(CollabNet, Inc. )
Support Tracker
SWBTracker (Software with Brains Inc.)
Squish (Information Management Services, Inc.)
T-Plan Incident Manager (T-Plan)
TeamTrack (TeamShare, Inc.)
Telelogic Change (Telelogic AB)
TestTrack Pro (Seapine Software)
Trac (Edgewall Software)
Trackem (Pikon Innovations)
Tracker (freeware)
TrackStudio Enterprise (TrackStudio, Ltd)
TrackWeb Defects (Soffront)
Trackgear (LogiGear)
TrackRecord (Compuware)
Trackwise (Sparta Systems)
Visual Intercept (Elsinore Technologies)
WebPTS (Zambit Technologies, Inc.)
yKAP - Your Kind Attention Please (DCom Solutions)
ZeroDefect (ProStyle Software Inc.)

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