Vector and Bitmap Images

There are two main different image types. These are not known among many users.
Let us get into it in detail.

Image type is broadly classified into Vector and Raster (bitmap).

Vector is scalable, you can adjust to any size. The quality won't get reduced, as it is a geometric drawing using coordinates.

Bitmap as pixels. Each and every pixel carries data in the image (data means color (hue) ). They are not extendable.

Features of illustrator CS2
  • Live paint
  • Live trace
in cs 3, additional tool called eraser tool is added.
There is always a difference of issue between illustrator & corel draw.These two are vector softwares, corel draw is easy to use than in illustrator.

Paging is an added advantage in corel draw, whereas it is difficult in Illustrator.Corel draw scores in these, but the greatest advantage in illustrator is illustrator files can be exported to photoshop & in design, thats the strength in illustrator.

In Illustrator CS3 we have multiple art boards and one of the biggest advantage in CS3 is that sketches can be used in CADD, which is very helpful in doing industrial designs.

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