Android vs iPhone - Easy comparison report

Android vs iPhone

Advantages of Android

  • SMS delivery report - for the IPhone you need a third party apparently
  • Notifications without INTERNET - one of the biggest drawback of the IPhone is that you cannot have notifications without Internet -> the notifications are stored on the Apple servers
  • Can install applications from any site - IPhone applications can only be installed from the Apple store (unless the phone is jail broken)
  • Multiple physical menu buttons - used for navigation and quick shortcuts, allows greater screen size (no more software menus)
  • Physical menu button allows recent 6 tasks (like ALT+TAB in Windows) - absolutely useful
  • The Home screen is organized in 3, 4 or 5 virtual screens, the rest of the applications lie in a list - usability, quick to access most used apps - on the IPhone there are "limitless" virtual screens on Home
  • Can install on the Home screen - widgets, shortcuts, folders
  • Physical keyboard - on some models
  • Open source OS
  • Can install different/homebrewed firmwares
  • Can install home brewed apps
  • Background apps/ multitasking
  • can make own application to hook into anything - calling, traffic, media, encryption, etc
  • Dev SDK is free and cross platform. IPhone is for $100+ and only works on MAC.
  • Programming is done in Java, bridges exist from J2ME, C#, etc. IPhone uses Objective C
  • Programming - can run interpreters. IPhone only allows running Objective C byte code
  • Easy access to the SD card (both from computer and from the phone). can copy MP3s, read ebooks, etc
  • Cheaper than the IPhone
  • Easy removable/replaceable battery.
  • 5 mega pixel camera + blitz/flash + More
Advantages of IPhone

  • Screen brightness/clarity
  • Bigger sofware keyboard - because of the wider screen
  • Great 3D apps and harware
  • Easy data synchronization
  • Proximity sensor - saves battery and "locks" the screen
  • Zoom using two fingers - pictures, browser, etc - though some Android phones also support multi touch
Thank you for comparison:


Unknown said...

iPhone - வாங்கிட்டியா?


ஐ போன்'ஆ? இங்க கை-போன்'கே வழிய காணோம் கிருஷ்ணா.

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