Display favicon in Internet Explorer

Hi friends,

A website favicon will not play a major role for improving website quality. But though, many like to play with it just as an design representation when our website browser is minimized to 'Start bar'. Lots of questions raised by many people for the solution.

Website Favicon will be displayed in Mozilla Firefox by just uploading it in the root path. But in Internet Explorer browser, the website favicon will not be displayed until the favicon dimension, favicon size, and the favicon format is accurate.

Here is the solution for making your website favicon to be displayed in Internet Explorer (IE) browser too.

Steps to display Website Favicon in IE browser:

1. Create your website logo in .jpg/ .gif/ .png image type.

2. Dimension of the logo should not exceed 50 x 50 size.

3. - Open this website and convert your logo as favicon.

4. Download the converted logo. (favicon.ico)

5. Upload the 'favicon.ico' into the root path of your website.

6. Clear the stored cookies and delete the cache of your IE browser and check the favicon.

That's it. You are done. Your favicon will be displayed in any browser including IE browser.
Hope you are now resolved your Website Favicon issue in Internet explorer.

For any other queries, please leave me a comment.

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