Main advantage of using Joomla is FREE: JOOMLA is a free open source, open source content management system. JOOMLA is available to anyone under the General Public License (GPL) license. Why would a person outsource their website programming to software professional and pay out a mammoth amount when he/she can do themself in a very specialized and professional comportment?

Advantages of JOOMLA:

Large number of Modules: Any CMS system is becomes competent if it is supported by modules to enhance their inbuilt capacity. Joomla has more than 2000 modules currently showing online.

Available in Many languages: Joomla is one of the few CMS which is multi-linguistic. You can design your website with different languages using Joomla.

Maintenance: It can be bit of a task when it comes to managing a website. Even tech savvy professional find it difficult to maintain a website. Let alone a lay man. But websites designed by Joomla are not at all difficult to maintain as it is quite user friendly.

Easy Updations: Joomla is a self-updating application. You do not have to be on a look out for individuals or software to keep updating Joomla. A person with good knowledge of Joomla can look into updating the application on their own.

Advanced Joomla applications, We can find even more features which make a Joomla powered website more fun to work with. Since Joomla offers so many valuable advantages, people all over the world have well accepted it to create small time websites to large complex corporate websites or portals and community portals for gaming, blogging and profiles.


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Good Post.

But Drupal Will support SEO also.

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Nice information to share even i also feel easy to work on Joomla it make me more flexible to work in less time

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