HTML 5 in Web Pages and Mobile Technology

Hypertext Markup Language is principally second-hand to plausibly formatting a meticulous webpage via signify detailed semantics to the intact satisfied. HTML5 is the most recent description of HTML and XHTML. HTML5 brings in new elements to structure the web pages as compared to HTML4 which uses common structures such as: – header, columns etc.

These new elements are: header, nav, section, article, aside, and footer.

Now, each of these elements serves a unique purpose:-
‘header’ denotes the inclusion of heading, sub headings etc. which is more specific.
‘nav’ signifies both the website navigation as well as the navigation of the table of contents.

‘section’ element corresponds to a broad category of a web page.
‘article’ element symbolizes a particular section of web page such as: blog, news, testimonials etc.

‘aside’ element is used to include the content that may relate to a specific section of a document or a web page.

‘footer’ element is used to indicate important information like copyright data, the author’s name, links to other pages etc.

HTML5 brings a whole new dimension to web world. It can embed video on web-pages without using any special software like Flash.

Not only videos, HTML5 is said to be capable of playing video games on the browser itself (8-bit games have been tried on it).

Besides this, HTML5 is considered to be flexible to handle inaccurate syntax. HTML5 specifies the rules related to the parsing and lexing as compared to HTML4. This means that even if there is an incorrect syntax, similar result is produced by various complaint browsers.

Furthermore, HTML5 denotes to scripting of API (application programming interfaces) including new APIs like:-

Drag and drop
Database storage offline
Editing of the document
Canvas 2D APIs, etc.

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