Software Bug Tracking – When BUGS can occur?

Following are the list of BUG types and the reason that BUG can occur. The main disadvantage of a BUG is, making a website quality to down, and making customer to stay-away from the software or website. Some may continue using defect-ful software or website because of no option.

Different types of BUGS are:
  • Fuctionality bugs
  • User interface bugs
  • Boundary value related bugs
  • Calculation bugs
  • Dead Lock bugs
  • Version control bugs..
  • Critical bugs
  • Fatal bugs
  • Usability / Suggestion bugs
  • Hyperlink bugs
  • Database bugs
  • GUI bugs
  • Error handling bugs
  • Control flow bugs
  • Interpreting data bugs
  • Competibility & intersystem bugs
  • Hardware bugs
  • Logical bugs
  • GUI related bugs
  • System related bugs
  • Software service pack bugs
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Functional bugs
  • Security bugs
  • Access Control bugs
  • Integration bugs
  • Boundary value bugs
  • Configuration bugs
  • Hardware failure
To reduce these kind of bugs in the Software or Website to improve the Quality, we need to concentrate on the above mentioned scenarios to make sure that the developed website of software is not affected by BUGS. Proper testing methodologies with sequential texting process can be used to make this confirmation.

Website Quality and Performance can be improved, if the testing phase is executed with good Web-Based / standalone / Networked Software Bug Tracking System. Example: Mantis. BugTracker, BugZilla and etc are all open source software tools, whcih can be used to track the raised software bugs till it gets fixed and closed.


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