A successful Software Testing is…

Before we go into the details on successful software testing, we know that it is very difficult to decide when to stop the Testing phase. Several recent software applications are so tough and executes in such a mutually supporting environment, that complete testing cannot be done.

General ideas in deciding when to stop the Testing are as follows:

# Project Deadlines. (eg. Release, testing deadlines)
# Test cases executed with major percentage passed.
# Budget planned for testing schedule has been exhausted.
# Code Coverage.
# Functionality changes.
# Requirements reaches milestone.
# No. of failed bugs excess a certain level.
# Beta or alpha testing period ends.

To make the Software Testing phase successful, we should make sure on these areas,

# All the planned tests have been executed.
# All faults have been fixed correctly.
# Tested on a business perspective
# Tested within the time duration allotted
# Confirming software meets its requirements
# When clients feels he just bought Quality software.

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