List of Google Products (Tools)

Major Google products for improving Website Quality

Google Search

Purpose - Searching the internet for user requirements. Fast and leading search engine worldwide. Website Quality of Google engine has already won enormous users heart. There will not be any irrelevant topics displayed as result for your search query.

Google Chrome (Browser)

Purpose – Powerful and User-friendly browser. Always loads the scripting activities before the animations and images load. Has become default browser across many countries. Still there are lots of things to be improved in Chrome.

Google Web Master

Purpose – Webmaster monitors and measures your website traffic and visitor details. Also it suggests many ideas to improve quality and drive traffic to your website.

Google Analytics

Purpose – Analytics monitors the entire details on how the visitor reached your website including, date and time, keyword used, IP tracking, bounce rate, Average time spent, No. of page views, Map of IP address, Site performance, No. of Unique visitors and etc. Google Analytics is a common product used by most of the website owners to monitor their website.

Google Adsense

Purpose – Google Adsense is a kind on Internet Marketing. Google acts as a mediator between the Advertiser and the Publisher (Website owner). Since there are lots of people using google, advertisers rush on Google and pay money to publish ads on their websites. But google did not have enough pages to display all those advertisements. So they gave advertisements to multiple website owners and sharing the revenues. Many owners earned lot of money through this important google Adsense product.

Google Web Optimizer

Purpose – Google Web Optimizer is used for tracking the website performance. Testing and optimizing the website can be quite easy in this special google product. One of the best online tool for testing your website.

Some of the other Google products are:
• Google Picasa
• Google Maps
• Google Mail (Gmail)
• Google Talk (Chat)
• Google Community (Orkut)
• Google Blog (Blogger)
• Google Translator
• Google Video Streaming (You Tube) and etc.

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