IEEE 829 Standard & Software Testing

IEEE 829 Standard is used for Software Testing documents, where it denotes a template for the documents to be created in software testing stages. Major part of the documents will be relying on issues and diversions between SRS and software.

The documents are given below,

Test Plan – Test Plan is a planning document which has information about the Scope of project, Resources to be used, Duration of project schedule, Test coverage, Risk factors and etc.

Test Design – Test Design document has information of test cases which are passed

Test Case – Test case document has the information about which area and modules to be tested. Test inputs will be given in this document.

Test Procedure – Test Procedure has the information about the steps to be followed to execute the test cases.

Test Log – Test Log is similar to the Test case document, only difference is Test Log document will have the information of executed test cases. Either Pass / Fail.

Test Incident – Test Incident Report has the information about the test cases which are failed to return the expected result.

Test Summary – Test Summary Report has information about the completed software testing modules, website or software quality. Finally this will ensure the status of the project (whether it has developed and matched with the SRS document).

There are some other standards that can be followed in IT industry.

They are as follows:

Unit Testing - IEEE 1008 standard.
Software verification and validation - IEEE 1012 standard.
Software Inspections - IEEE 1028 standard.
Software metrics and methodology - IEEE 1061 standard.
SRS development - IEEE 1233 standard.
SLC process - IEEE 12207 standard.

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