Javascript Injection - Website Hacking Technique

JavaScript injection is a amusing practice that allows you to modify a websites content without leaving the site, reloading the page, or saving the site to your desktop. JavaScript injection can be extremely constructive when you need to alter hidden data before you send it to the server. Let us start in simple with some basic JavaScript injection techniques.

Basic JavaScript Injection Methods:

JavaScript injections are executed from the address bar of the browser. To start our execution, Open the website http://modifiedmotorbikes.blogspot.com.
After complete loading, remove the existing URL from the address bar.
That means, delete the http://modifiedmotorbikes.blogspot.com from the address bar.

JavaScript injection code is executed in the empty address bar using the javascript: protocol. In this tutorial we will go over the basics of JavaScript injection. If you are a JavaScript expert this might be below you but a reminder is for all time fines.

The two most widely used injection commands are alert(); and void();. These commands will get you through most situations. For our first injection script we will open an alert box. Open the web browser of your choice and delete everything from the address bar. Go to http://modifiedmotorbikes.blogspot.com website, clear the website URL and type the following code in the empty address bar.

Code: javascript: alert(“Congratulations! You are an Expert”);

What we have done is told the browser to send an alert box with some string text.
Even though this is very simple and great little trick you will see its actual usage when the knowledge increases in you.

With the JavaScript: protocol you can run as countless commands as you would like.

Enter the following code in your empty browser address bar to test more than one JavaScript injection command.

Code: javascript: alert(“Congratulations!”); alert(“You are”); alert(“Expert”);

In this code injection you will see three different alert windows pop up one after the other.

Thank you for spending your valuable time.
Visit us later for more details on JavaScript injection for website hacking.

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