One Computer Multiple / Many Users

Unbelievable technology? But Fact is that it is possible. Persons who don’t know how to do perform this environment can continue to read this interesting information, Let me explain it now. First of all, if you are not having an extra VGA port, please buy before setting-up the quality environment. You must have either a PS/2 to USB converter hub for mouse and keyboard or a USB mouse and keyboard. Then you need a general USB hub. Once you have those there is software for windows that costs a hundred dollars (not bad considering) to buy. Now this way the software works - that you can have two to three other computers running off your one base computer. But for all the other computers you need enough VGA ports and either PS/2 to USB or a big USB hub with keyboards and mice to go with them. Then once you have them all plugged in and everything, the software has those other computers log in with their own user name and password.

But once you are completed with setting up the virtual environment, you can share stuff on the computer among users, where they can perform different things concurrently, and you can allow website access to be shared via internet all with one phone line and one basic modem.

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Really a cool stuff isn’t? If you are ready to rock on the Computer technology, do not wait, because competitions are very high. Start your innovative work with creativity mind and build your PC environment and help others too.

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