Six sigma concepts

Six Sigma is a global brand and something of an uprising. Six Sigma is plenty of stuff.
Website quality will be improved a lot when these concepts are implemented.

Six Sigma is possibly a very intelligent method of branding and wrapping many aspect of entire Quality Management that subsist in their own right, regardless of the development of Six Sigma. Six Sigma is loads of odd things, since it had special meaning eventually and also because it is currently interpreted in gradually more diverse ways. Six Sigma is still growing.

The UK Department for Trade and Industry says Six Sigma is:
"A data-driven method for achieving near perfect quality. Six Sigma analysis can focus on any element of production or service, and has a strong emphasis on statistical analysis in design, manufacturing and customer-oriented activities.".

Six sigma DMAIC and DMAICT process elements:

• D - Define opportunity.
• M - Measure performance.
• A - Analyze opportunity.
• I - Improve performance.
• C - Control performance, and optionally.
• T - Transfer best practice.

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