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Backlinks will clearly improve your website or blog page rank. Backlinks not only improve the pagerank, it will boost your website traffic, and you will receive several advertisements and more. Little can have boost, where more backlinks can take your website into sandbox. So be aware. Do not try to use any third-party backlinks providers, or do not try using link exchange. If you do so, you are making your effortful quality website to break the google rule.

There are three types in the backlinks formation:

* One way links ( A to B )

submitting your website to web directories such as Google, Yahoo and Dmoz as well as authorized free web directories, they never ask us to provide a link back. In this method we will bring a user from other web pages.

* Reciprocal backlinks (A to B and B to A)

A one to one or reciprocal link is a common link between two websites to have a massive traffic. Few paid directories are also following this method. But search engine guidelines always strictly against unnecessary reciprocal links.

* One to many backlinks (A to B, B to C and C to A)

This is possible if you request your friends, relatives, colleagues to follow this kind of link formation.

However, Request your friends/relatives/colleagues to add your website URL on their blog / website. If website does not impress users enough, improve the website quality and performance accordingly. Finally, post a quality content on website, then you can get many followers. In other words, you will get more website quality backlinks, if the contents are useful to visitors and unique.

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john said...

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stephen said...

This is great information. I am in the process of hiring an SEO expert for my company and this article has helped me immensely.

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