Backup Outlook Emails

Step - 1. On the File menu, click Import and Export.

Step - 2. Click Export to a file, and then click Next.

Step - 3. In the list, click Personal Folder File (.pst), and then click Next.

Step - 4. Click the folder that contains the messages you want to back up. If the folder contains a subfolder that you want to include, select the Include Subfolders check box, and then click Ne

Step - 5. Under Save exported file as, click Browse, and then specify a name and location for your backup file, (for example, Mail Backup).

Step - 6. If you back up a .pst file that you have backed up to before,

Click one of the following:
Replace duplicates with items exported: Existing data will be overwritten with the
information in the file being exported.

Allow duplicate items to be created: Existing data will not be overwritten, and duplicate
information will be added to the backup file.

Do not export duplicate items:
Existing data will be kept, and the duplicate information in the folder will not be copied
to the backup file.

Step - 7. Click Finish.

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