Website Planning

Website planning is one of the pre production activities of web building. Web planning is just as a hydrilla life cycle, every phase is as interesting as it goes.

The process is stage by stage, from designing to development


“A coconut is not considered a coconut without its shell”

Design is a shell for the website. The quality of a website is determined by how powerful, user friendly and lucrative web pages are. The axiom of design is that, it should be reachable to all the viewers. The metamorphosis of a webpage design is often asynchronous and time consuming.


A web development is, “The tender inside coconut”

The development is a backend application which makes the shell look attractive. Development is rather a passive one with thousand lines of codes just like, “crispy bits of nuts on a cookie!” But it tastes good. Development can be otherwise termed as a “skeleton”. Without a skeleton a perfect figure wont exists!

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Sarathi said...

Wonderful concept you followed. These are the informations i was looking for. Thanks.

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