Satyam is in highly risky situation

The World Bank has decided to ban, India's top computer software services provider Satyam Computer, for eight years, starting from September this year. The company has been charged with the data theft and paying bribes to its staff for its vested interests. The bank has decided to snap all business ties with the computer giant, following a flood of complaints.

However, a company spokesperson declined to comment on the issue saying, "As a matter of company policy, we normally do not comment on individual customers, contracts and relationships. We have read about it in the media. We have nothing to say about it."

Earlier, the Security and Exchange Board of India had pulled Satyam, regarding deals with two companies- Maytas Infrastructure and Maytas Properties. The chairman of Satayam Computers, Ramalinga Raju faced wrath of the shareholders and the Indian regulator, following which the company had to call off the deals.

The recent World Bank decision led to the sharp fall in the company's shares at Bombay Stock Exchange. Its shares declined 13.6% on Tuesday to close at four-and-a-half year's low of Rs 140.40. It's ADRs at New York were 16.5% lower at $6.90.

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