Bhuvan - A home-grown mapping system from ISRO

Count your days to view the scattered birds in Pulicat Lake or the majestic Kanchenjunga, as you can observe these with just a mouse click!

SAC (Space Application Center) of ISRO has made INDIA proud again with the invention of “Bhuvan”, India’s first mapping satellite that would circle in its geocentric orbit. Bhuvan is similar to google earth or Wikimapia, but enables a user to zoom as close as aerial view from a chopper. This satellite has an amazing zoom facility. If google earth & wikimapia can show a detail of about 200 meters & 50 meters proximity, equipments are plunged in such a way that it would show details of 10 meters.

Bhuvan would provide statistical information about major towns and cities of Indian subcontinent. With the help of this high end mapping system, cyclones & other catastrophic conditions can be reported quickly, thoroughly & instantly. Features of this satellite are framed based on the inputs from common people like farmers, fishermen, potters, travelers etc. Although every invention has to satisfy certain needs of people and society.

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