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15 seconds is about the maximum limit for the end user's to wait for the webpage to be loaded.

To Decrease the Loading time of your website follow the mentioned steps:
  • Reverse Proxy method.
  • Write your scripts at the bottom.
  • CSS / Javascript should be given as external file.
  • Duplicate css/scripts should be avoided.
  • Make sure of hyperlinks which doesn't have valid redirections
  • Pre-load the components

To Increase the Usability on your website follow the mentioned steps:
  • Page Navigation Links - Use sequential page redirection links.
  • Tooltips - Give the tooltip messages on all the action buttons / links / images etc.
  • Forms - Dont use too many forms. Try to reduce the inputs from users.
To get Regular and High traffic rate follow the below mentioned steps:
  • Area Site-Map - design the sitemap perfectly.
  • Testimonials - Include testimonials
  • Stylesheets - Use pleasant colors/templates with your own creativity.
  • Copyright - Update the copyright .
To make sure all the above steps are implemented in your website, use the below website


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I think its something related to testing and seo.It is very useful for website promotion

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It will be very useful if you post the topics related to all the fields in software (development, designing, etc.).

Expecting more from you.


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That was really good one.. highly informaive.. continue this approach

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